Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby massage/Colic baby

So far, Sophie has been pretty good. She doesn't usually have, you know, one of those non sense screaming cries. When she wakes up, she might shed a couple tears, cuz she's confused. But once she's fully awake, all you see is big smiles and little giggles. (still waiting for the big giggles..)

Last week, she was having a hard time. I think her tummy was a bit gassy, and i guess it just built up throughout the day. She's fine and fairly happy from the moment she wakes up, till evening. Right before Steve comes home, she'd start crying. By the time Steve gets home, Sophie is going nuts. I felt really bad, cuz Steve doesn't get to see the happy Sophie I see throughout the day.

Remedy? Gripe water! It sure helped! And since Sophie has been crying so hard and so frequently, her back actually had so much knots in it. I massaged her back, and her tummy. She seems to enjoy it. Then again, when she was in my belly, she'd push her butt against my belly when I was getting a preggo massage. She sure is her mama's girl. We like massages =^.^=

The next day, I continued to give her little back rubs to get rid of the knots in her back. She hasn't shriek since. So yay for massage! No more colic baby.

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