Sunday, May 12, 2013

Heimatklang Choir

Yes, I know. This is super random, but I joined a German Choir in the Balboa Park's "House of Germany". Two of my friends from church sings in this choir, and they told me about it for months. I finally went and checked it out.

I've been in choirs since I was a young child, and have participated in the show choirs of my middle school and high school. I did some Acapella Jam shows in college, and musical in local theaters. I have to admit, I miss singing in a choir! I miss singing and performing in general. The feeling you get when all parts of voices come together cohesively just gives me chills and a sense of excitement.

I walked in to the German choir rehearsal, and everyone is speaking German! Of course they are speaking German! It is a German club choir!! It was quite intimidating, but the old ladies are so welcoming, and they were glad to have another singer. Oh, and did I mention that I do not speak any German. ZERO! I can speak English, Chinese, conversational french, I have sang in Spanish, Italian, and Latin. Never had to do anything in German, and therefore I have no concept in the German language. If it was in French, I could probably get most of the pronunciation correctly. Oh my, my first attempt in pronouncing German words... it probably sounded like killing chicken or scratching the blackboard with finger nails to the German native speakers.

Most people in this choir are 40 and above, most of them are in their 50s.

The first song I practiced was daunting, " Ziguenerleben". The first paragraph of the song lyrics:

Im Schatten des Waldes, im Buchengezweig
da regt's sich und raschelt und fl├╝stert zugleich.
Es flackern die Flammen, es gaukelt der Schein
um bunte Gestalten, um Laub und Gestein.

Woa!!! What??!?! The choir director asked us to memorize the lyrics. All I could remember is " Es flackern die Flammen". I got the music down pretty easily, the German part..... 

At this point I started to reconsidering my attempt in joining the German Choir. I don't want to stand out like a sore thumb, especially with my pronunciation. Wait, I already stand out

Check this picture below, it is the outfits I will be wearing when I am performing with them. 

I have an aunt whom married an Italian ambassador and lived in Munich for years. So growing up I've had the privilege of having my very own "Dirndl", and bags and bags of German chocolate. I hope I'll still look cute in dirndl. 

Anyway, I am so glad I joined the German choir. It is fun and challenging. I've always want to learn another European language. Now I am a full time mother, it is nice to get away and have some fun. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll pick up more German.  

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Sassy Sarah said...

So jealous! I want to be in a German choir! Let me know if you need any pronunciation tips or even fun phrases to surprise the German-speaking choir people with. :)