Sunday, September 22, 2013

Go Trojans!

I've been really slacking on this blog thing. I feel like since everyone has Facebook, y'all know what we have been up to anyway. Ok, fine, I am just a lazy blogger as of late.

Steve was accepted to USC Law school, so we related from San Diego to Los Angeles. ( I like San Diego better, and the list of why can go on forever. So I'll stop here). We are super excited that he has got into a ranked law school, and hopefully with more opportunities than Cal Western would have provided. We are happy ! Go Trojans!

I hate moving! I've decided! Then again, we didn't have much notice and preparation for this move. From the time we got the USC acceptance letter to the date we move was less than 4 weeks. Needless to say it was a stressful 4 weeks, and we had a week of the Peterson Beach House the week before we move. Steve did all the lifting, go champ! I hear our other friends move and I am jealous. But they all had jobs that paid for relation fees and moving expenses. So the movers come pack everything for them, load everything unto the truck, and drive he truck to the new location. I would have loved that.

Moving makes me want to throw everything away, but Steve kindly reminded me that we actually don't have that much. All we have, we actually need. " Ok, fine!" I protested.

I will miss the German Choir, the Zoo being 2 min drive from our house, Museums 5 min drive, sea world 15min, Little Italy 10 min. Loads of Palm trees.

I am excited about the museums that LA has to offer. We went to the Natural History Museum yesterday, and it was actually pretty big inside. I think Sophie and I can get lost in there, and have lunch there when Daddy is done with class. The USC law building is just adjacent to the NHM.

alright... i blogged. 

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