Tuesday, March 10, 2009

control freak

Have you ever seen anyone wash their hands with almost boiling hot water with antibacterial hand soap at least 2~3 times in one setting? I understand some people just don't like to touch things, because they feel that they might be getting germs. But com'on, without germs, we wouldn't be able to build up the immune system we have to fight the real problem germs.

I don't think in this life time we could ever get everything, 100% in our control, why not just be spontaneous? Enjoy the journey and just do your best?

There is a lady that I know who needs to know where her children are in every moment, and she can not stand having her kids out camping with other youth group for a night. I think her kids are missing out alot, because their mother just simply won't allow them to. Maybe because she feels that she can not control the situation when the kids aren't with her.

I am not sure if I should say I am lucky or not, but my mother never gave me a curfew. The thing is, if I am tired, I would just go home. Because I like sleeping on my own bed. And, when i am tired, nothing in the world could be fun for me. I just want to sleep. I think the only time my mom gave me curfew, well, not exactly to me. She gave curfew to the boys who took me out on a date, because she can? If she likes the boy, I will have to be home by 10:00pm, when the youth dance is over and the In-N-Out ritual finished, or when the movie is over. She wouldn't care if I come home a little later, as long as she knows where I am at. annnnnd, whom I am with. If my mother doesn't like the boy, she will tell the boy that they need to bring me home by 8:30. It's kind of funny.

My mom is not a control freak, she lets me do what I want to do. I think I turned out pretty okay. Then again, I wasn't a kid who always got in trouble, to me, it just wan't worth it.

My little brother on the other hand, he is 6 1/2 years younger than me, he sometimes just does things to piss people off and get reactions. For example, one of the missionary who was living at my mom's house at that time figured that it would be a good idea to teach a 15 year old(at that time)boy how to make a dry ice bomb. He bought the dry ice for my brother, and my little idiotic brother took the dry ice to school and put the dry ice in a water bottle. He added the dry ice, put it in the school trash can. However, it didn't blow up instantly. My little brother was stupid enough to go back to the trash can, and shook it up a little more... threw it back.... and it blew up. I am not sure how he got caught, but he did. he also got suspended from school for 5 days. One of those 5 days, I was invited back to my English class to speak about my experience in Paris. My little brother was suppose to be the interviewer, since he was in the same english teacher's class. When his classmate found out that I was his sister, they are all in a shock of how different we were.

My mom was very strict with me when I was younger, hence when I was a teen, I was pretty good. My brother had it easy, my mom used all the energy on me, and when he came along, my mom just let him do whatever he wants. He even had more allowance than I ever have.

I don't know, parenting is different....control freak parents with kids explode one day. or I am just weird?

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Sarah: Der Wenigste Blog der Welt said...

No, you're not weird. I think it's good to be somewhere in between.

My family was really strict growing up and it made me want to rebel! Thankfully, I didn't, but I easily could have just to prove a point and get my family off my back.

However, my friend's mom let her and her siblings do whatever they wanted! Because of that, all of the kids in the family got into trouble whether with drugs or sexual activity.

I think there has to be a happy balance. Parents should care to know what is going on in the life of their children, but it's as Joseph Smith said, "Teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves."