Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dwarf Hamster

(these aren't mine, just found the pic online. they look the same...)

We have two little Robo Hamsters. They are really tiny, the size of an adult thumb. Most of it are it's fur, so you can imagine how small the little hamsters are. I named them "Ben Dan" and "Huai Dan" first, meaning stupid egg and bad egg. Then i thought it's not a very good name to call them... so they are currently named, Phineas and Ferb. Since they are my favorite cartoon character.

This morning Steve came in to the bedroom, and told me there's only one in the cage. I was like, " uh oh..." Steve had to go to work, and he asked if I could work from home.

Anyway, I made a barrier between the kitchen and living room. So, the mouse won't run under the fridge again. Got my flashlight out, and my mixing bowl. I found the little bugger under the couch. who knows how long it was down there, and who knows where he pooped. Their poop are so small, kinda like 2 poppy seed stack on top of one another.

After moving the couch, scaring Phineas with my flashlight under the couch. He finally ran towards the kitchen where my barrier, (made of 3 Kleenex boses, 1 cereal box, and paper towels). He bounced his head really hard on the Kleenex box, fell back on the ground. Shook it's head a little, and i cornered it, and scooped it into my Martha Stewart turquoise mixing bowl.

what an accomplishment!!!

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Sassy Sarah said...

They sound cute, but hard to find if they get lost! :)