Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dirt on the neck

There was a family of mom and dad, and their 7 kids sitting in front of us during _____ The kids behaved very well, but all their cloths were dirty with dandruff, and fallen hair on their backs. One of the boys had huge ears, kinda like a little elf! One thing i don't understand is... if you are going to have that many kids, i think you should really take care of them. I don't think any of those 7 kids were showered, nor have clean clothes on. The little boy's hand was dirty, and their necks had black dirt on it. Their ear look like dog ears that hasn't been clean for a while.

Com'on parents, do your job. bath your children so they won't be sick and grow fungus in their ear. Be responsible!!! I wish i could call the child services and get the kids to a family that can give them more attention that they need. And.... keep them clean.


Sarah: Der Wenigste Blog der Welt said...

You know... that's something I also have a hard time with! I know that being a mom is NOT easy, but if you willingly choose to have that many kids, you need to be able to care for them on your own! You shouldn't have more kids than you can give attention to and take care of.

Question... Were the parents dirty too? Or, were their clothes neat and tidy? It would make me even more angry if the parents were all dressed up and clean, but the kids weren't.

San Ba Po said...

the parents were a little oily, too. kinda remind me of Snape...