Wednesday, July 28, 2010

22 down, 18 more to go

So, how do I feel being preggo at 22 weeks? Fabulous! I can't really complain, and I hope the rest of the pregnancy is  going to be like this. I can handle it!! I am just so glad the dizziness and throwing up is over and done. Although I do have to admit that I still get really tired. Come on, give me a break. I am growing arms and legs inside of my body and working full time. I am entitled to be a little tired right? Oh, and we are moving this week. Even though it's only 2 blocks away, I still have to pack up everything. It's all good, because we'll have 2 toilets in the house. Since I have to pee constantly, and sometimes I have to make Steve get up from his precious toilet time, so I can pee in the toilet. ( I threaten to pee in his sink if he doesn't get up). I just have to go all the time you know. Having a baby sac sitting on my bladder... oooo.

Anyway, just a quick update.

 21 weeks

22 weeks

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Sassy Sarah said...

You look SO adorable, Jenn! And your posts make me laugh. Sometimes I also threaten my husband to get him off the toilet when I have to go pee really bad and he's taking FOREVER! Haha. :)