Friday, July 2, 2010

Chinese mom and their dreams.

My mother called me this morning, she sounded like she just woke up, a little groggy. Nonetheless, she had a smile in her voice, and she said, " I know what you are having"(silence for 5 seconds)

I said, "ok, you can't stop there. What am I having?" ...(Silence... Wonder she was sleep talking and called me on the phone)
She replied, " I can't tell you, or else it would be 不凖 "
Me: " you gonna tell me it's a boy like everyone else"
My mom: (laughed) " I had a dream of a baby that looked alot like you, I thought it was a girl, but Martin brought in 4 bikes, then I realized it's a boy"

-oh moms... and their superstitions.

You know, I am totally okay if my baby looks like me. I was pretty darn cute. look at my fat cheeks and Mohawk.

Oh, and this is my 18 weeks preggo photo


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Sassy Sarah said...

You look so adorable in those pictures as a baby! If your child does look like you, he (or she!) will be cute.

P.S. How do you still look so good being pregnant? You look so cute in that 18-week picture! :)