Friday, September 17, 2010

Empowering Your Confidence | Jones New York

I saw this campaign today for the first time in one of my work brain storm meeting. A lot of thoughts came to my mind when I was watching it. I am glad that the LDS church aren't the only ones telling women that they are amazing. "Look at where we come from" - since the beginning of the time, women have always been challenged in society for being women. 2009 was the first time a women CEO handing off her job to another women CEO. (according JNY video) WOW!

As I watch these women executives, models, and staffs talking about the influence their mother has made in their life, and they are where they are today because of their mother, it made me appreciate even more of all the women in my life.

Ladies, WE ARE AMAZING! Watch the video, it's pretty cool. The full version is actually on the Jones New York's website.
Here is the link,default,pg.html


p.s. lol, only if the men at work actually look like this....

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