Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's going on?

1. We moved to a new condo with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths... we are mostly moved in, there are still some boxes in Sophie's room. We are not sure where to put them yet. But Sophie's crib is up!! and Yoda (a backpack doll) is sleeping in it currently. Oh, and we really love out new place, except the magical elephants above us makes alot of noises when I try to go to bed. They just walk so hard.
2. I am currently 28 weeks / 7 months pregnant
3. Sophie is a little boxer in my tummy, I can see the little thump thump on my belly. Really cool
4. We were in San Diego for a week for vacation and be with the family.
5. Went to Sea World, the beach, and ate Chinese food.
6. Chloe (my niece) is a funny girl. She really likes Sweetpea (the family pug), and dogs in general.
7. Steve baby sat Chloe while all the girls went for a pedicure. (good practice for him)
8. the first thing Chloe asked when she woke up was " puppy? ". She didn't cry, and watched some cartoon with Steve.
9. Chloe likes to put stickers on her face
10. I started reading Fablehaven, and loved it!!


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