Friday, February 5, 2010

Adelaide's Lament

La Grippe, La Grippe, La post-nasal drip,
With the wheezes, and the sneezes, and the sinuses really a pip!

Guys and Dolls musical is one of my favorite musical from high school. I did a piece from the musical, " Sit down You're Rockin' the Boat" and had a lot of fun with it. This month I am working on  Adelaide's Lament from Guys and Doll, and I have to learn the New York Accent. Dave, my voice teacher is showing me how to sing "ugly". Since Adelaide is sick in this scene. I found a video that has one of the most awesome Adelaide. She's is so funny, her facial expression is priceless~! My fav' part is " ... See  note... see note?...oooo see note... hehehehe.."

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