Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day / and the first day of year of the Tiger

Just a little recap on the Chinese new year pot luck at work. Can I just say I had a blast, and there are some amazing chefs within the Nu Skin Enterprises. I have no idea that there are so many Chinese in the company, and so many others that also embrace the Chinese traditions. Or, they might simply just enjoy the true home-made Chinese cuisine. I wonder if Dave post any of the photos up.

Today is Valentines day, and Steve gave me a dozen beautiful roses that resembles our wedding flowers. I've always love roses, and i love them even more when they are from the love of my life. My little Japanese turtle. I think Steve looks like this turtle, cuz the shape of it's head and thick eyebrow looks like Steve.

Tonight, Steve made an awesome rib eye steak, with green beans and rosemary seasoned red potatoes. I was so touched! The food was amazing, and I was really impressed with what he has made tonight. Although he burnt his hands, because he forgot the pan was in a 500F degree oven before he touched it. I feel really bad for his hands. He tried so hard.

We had one of the most romantic dinner in our house on Valentines day, there were roses, candles, nice glass to drink our Martinelli.  The dinner was only  $15 for the both of us. That's the steak, french green beans, the red potatoes, and a specialty ice cream. Usually in a restaurant, we could easily spent over $30. It was nice to eat in, and know that Steve is such an awesome cook!!

Happy Valentines day to all, may all of you find the special someone to do all the special things you want to do in life.

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