Monday, February 15, 2010

My day off - Le Jour de President

It was super nice to sleep till 10:30 this morning, I was tired. Marie and her BFF ... and me of course, went to Shoga for lunch. They have the most amazing Tuna Tataki, it is well seasoned, and well seared. A la dente~! Also, I haven't have any Agedashi tofu that is as athentic as Shoga's. Anyway, Joey didn't end up coming, not sure what happened. But Marie and I were hungry, so we stayed anyway.
All the food at Shoga is well plated, and they are not only pretty, they are also delicious. 

After Shoga, I went shopping. There was a suit jacket that I wanted from Banana Replublic, but it was close to $200. It's a bit pricy, so I have been saving for it. I went to the mall just to see if they still have it, so I can indulge myself in the store. Who knew, Presidents day sale is 25% off, plus additional 15% off for applying for BR credit card. I've always been hesitant applying for store credit cards, but I figure since I shop there so much anyway. Why not get points and discounts doing it?  

Back to the suit jacket, I got the jacket and the pencil skirt that goes with it. I actually bought the suit pants first, because that was all I could afford. The total today for the suit jacket and the skirt, $182 ~!! Less than the jacket cost. Love a good sale. Now i have the complete suit with the skirt, pants, and jacket~!

So, you might wonder what inspire me to buy such expensive suit. Well, suits are expensive to start with, and I just needed at least one suit for business occasion at work. Actually, the thing that really drive me to buy the suit is.... I was with my in-laws during Christmas, and we were at my father-in-law's office. We were going to have a conference call with our grandparents in Madagascar, but had couple minutes before the call. We got talkin' about business stuff, and he mentioned about one of his interviews with a prospect. This individual could probably have the job, but he/she didn't dress up. So he gave the job to another candidate that was in a suit.
so, here is the suit I bought today. And!!!! BR had it in Petite size!!!! It fits my arm pit area, and the boob seam is not at my billy button!!! Maybe some people's boobs are at their billy button, I don't know. Get a good pair of bra woman, take care of your girls!

(Thanks bananarepublic,
I chose grey, because my hair is black. If i wear all black suit, it might be a little too dark. 

Anyway, good shopping day!

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Jodi said...

A. This suit looks great and I need to see it in person.

B. Billy button?