Monday, February 22, 2010

Going to Taiwan

We finally bought out plane tickets to go to Taiwan~!! YAY!! We are super excited, and can't wait to visit the family, and eat yummy food. We do, however, have a layover in Korea for 5 hours. Since out ticket was so cheap, we didn't care about the layover.

I talked to 2 of my co-workers that are from Korea, they told me that there is a Korean culture center where visitors can make their own souvenir. I thought that was neat, and something to look forward to. I once had a 4 hour layover in Toronto, it wasn't fun. I just watched movies, and people. 

This is what I am looking forward to. Fresh fruits

This is the dragon fruit, if you eat too much of it, your poop will turn red. 

Shaved ice with fresh fruits,and condensed sweeten milk

And hot pot of course.
Can't wait for all the yummy stuff~!!

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