Thursday, May 20, 2010

2nd baby doc visit

We were able to go visit the OBGYN again yesterday to do our monthly check up. My blood work came back normal, and the baby is healthy. The doc was able to find the baby's heart beat quickly, and our little Tic Tac has a strong heart beat, which makes me, the mommy-to-be very happy.

On the other hand, I have been sick. Let me tell you something, having a cold and being pregnant is not fun at all~! It's a bad deal, bad business, it is just plainly bad. Until my doctor told me that since everything looks healthy and normal, I can go ahead and take some DayQuil. "There is no need to suffer." The words coming out from my doctor's mouth just gave me a a vision of bright hope. Angelic harmony of " ahh~~~" I was so happy that i could take something.

Today is the second day of not working. I've already got my cube mate sick, so I don't want to get anyone else sick.

This is what I look like right now.

Dehydrated, with a huge pimple by my eye and eyebrow.  chapped lips...

BTW, Steve looked worse than me in the picture, he was sick last weekend. But he is way better than I am right now.

Utah, Thank you for the unpredictable weather. You were hot, and then you were cold. Make up your mind.

Hopefully this cold will pass by soon, and I will develope better immune system. Let's hope that I will not get sick for the rest of my pregnancy.


Josh & Stefanie said...

Poor jenn! Being Sick and preggo is no fun at all..wish we were there so I could make you some soup and Chloe could sing her funny rendition of the ABC's for you (it goes EEE III EEE III AAA OO UUU appy) haha. Glad to hear that our favorite little future neice/nephew is doing good though! Love ya! Feel Better!

Sassy Sarah said...

Poor Jenn! I hope that you are feeling better now. Being pregnant and sick don't mix.