Monday, May 24, 2010

Celtic Women Concert

Steve went to the Celtic Women concert with me on Saturday! it was a great concert, and he was such a good sport. I know music like this is not his favorite, but he did not complain a bit. When we showed up, there were mostly all older couples, people like grandma and grandpa's age. I guess I like old people music?

The fairy violinist. She was so fun to watch. All she needs is just a pair of wings, then she'll fit the description of  a real life fairy. She can play fast, and spin fast at the same time.  Steve enjoyed it quite a bit.

Chloe. She's still my favorite. I just love her voice, and she makes me want to dye my hair red, have fair skin, sing Irish songs, and live in Ireland.

Irish women has different view on comparing men to objects. One of the songs they sang was about a girl fell in love with 2 men. She is trying to figure out which one she wants to be with. So she compare them to seaweeds. How do you compare people to seaweeds? One's fat and slimy, the other one is salty and fishy? It was kinda funny. 

Over all, it was a great experience. I wish they had pictures of the drummers online. They were really amazing! Never mind, here is a photo of the two amazing drummer dancing with the fairy violinist

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