Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

What a wonderful day! I finally felt better and made it to church today, it was so nice seeing all of my nursery kids. Although I was exhausted mid way through nursery, I am grateful that Steve and I share this calling, and the Ruggles are in the classroom with us too.

Some young man walked in with a basket full of chocolate for all of the mothers. I took a king sized Snickers. On the way home, I wanted to puke. The nausea feeling over came me, and i really wanted to puke. We made it home, and I had some cereal. That made me feel better. This is the beginning of my journey of motherhood. I look forward to days that I don't feel nauseas anymore. I look forward to days when I can hang out with my little Tic-Tac.

Steve got me some beautiful roses and a mothers day card for me. I kinda like getting mothers day cards. Grandma and Marci also thought of me and send me mothers day cards. It is awesome =^.^=

Happy mothers day to all~!

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Sassy Sarah said...

Sounds like an eventful mother's day! Steve is sweet :)