Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby shower

 my bestie Cindy and me

 Cindy made the diaper cake and put all the decorations together

 Emily!! The winner of "guess how big Jenn's stomach is"

 Nini eats very healthy, hence the bag.
I was hoping that there was a canelope in there, 
But found a pink piggy bank with tutu =^.^=

Sophie's college fund starts here. 

 Megan brought this awesome outfit!!

Marie had turtles on everything!! 
She knows how much I love turtles, cuz she hears it every day from sitting next to me for 3 years!


 Thank you Grami Peterson!! Loved the swaddle blanket, bunny, the outfits and everything!!

 Sweet Rene made the burpies and the blanket!!

 Loved the Lee's girls! They are just the awesomest people you'll ever meet.

Mary said, " read to your babies". Maybe that's why her kids are super smart!

 Thanks for the baby bouncer Michelle~!!

 Cindy love, thank you for the baby shower and the tub!!
you can come bath my baby anytime you want.

We couldn't decide what facial expression to have... eh.
it was fun!!

Thanks to all the ladies who came, I had alot of fun with you all. Hope you liked the treats we had, and I loved all the gifts!!

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