Friday, October 22, 2010

What do you read before you go to bed?

One thing that my mother taught me that I actually still do on my own is, give myself homework, even if I am not in school. So my homework has been reading as many English book as I can. I don't force myself to HAVE TO finish a book by certain time, but just to be able to finish a book. I think that's a good goal, don't you think so?

English is my second language, and the only time I read was to prepare for school exams. Those are kinda boring. Although I loved my English class in high school, which 3 out of the 4 required English class I took was with one of my mostly favorite teacher, Mr. Thune. (his younger brother is a US senate, John Thune). I wished other kids would appreciate for all the hard work Mr. Thune put in teaching kids like me, who speaks English as a second language. It's not easy explaining why this rule works here, but not there. We break almost every single rule in the English language. For someone who is learning English, it can be frustrating.

Between regular school work, sports, and show choir, I didn't have much time to read as leisure. I wasn't able to enjoy the book most American kids were enjoying. At that time, I had to look up many words in the book, which can be distracting from the story, and very discouraging on my part. I guess time does its tricks.

After graduating college, I finally had time to just read for fun. Not for school, not for exams. Just read, and immerse myself in another world from the works of the author. The first book I actually read from cover to cover without skipping was the Twilight series. (com'on, Edward sounded so hot in the book, wouldn't you want to read more about him?) I got to start somewhere right? I can't just start reading Pride and Prejudice or Shakespeare. I like the movie, but the language is in a different level. 

It probably took me longer than most people to finish a young adult book like Twilight, but it caught my attention and I finished it! That's all it matters right? One of my life goals that I wrote down when I was 19 years old, " Read 100 books before I am 50 years old." I think I am on track! I just finished the "Fablehaven" series. that's 4 books. If I average 4 books a year at least, hitting 100 books before I am 50 is not a problem at all.

Fablehaven was so fun to read, it's nice to get out of the reality for a little bit.

I moved on to the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief series, since I'm always fascinated by Greek Mythology. The story is taken place in a modern time, and written in the modern language... and a 12 year old guy is telling the story. Super easy read. I even had a dream that Poseidon is my father, and he couldn't interact with me, because I was demi-god. How ridiculous is that? But man-o-man was he beautiful in my dream. I guess I was the Percy Jackson in my own dream. lol.

YAY for reading~!

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Cristine Garrison said...

q: "what do you read before you go to bed?"

a: I am reading "The Goose Girl" by Shannon Hale.

You should check her out. She is a member of the church and her books are fantastic!

And never be ashamed of Twilight. :)