Friday, October 1, 2010

a little piece of what???

Yesterday, I sliced a little piece of my finger off while cutting some card stock with one of those super sharp art cutting knives.  It bled for a while, even with direct pressure on it. I saw this little piece on my working station, and I thought "oh $h!t!!!" (Steve and I have agreed that you can only cuss under some circumstances, and this is one of them. I was in a lot of pain) I threw away the blade, since it has my blood on it. Applying pressure with my thumb like i am pinching something. I left work early, cuz my finger hurts, and i couldn't find any band-aid around.

Came home, got my first-aid kit out. Dranched my wound with tea tree oil. It kills germs and helps to heal. It hurt like hell. I was like OMG, how can this little cut bleed so much, and hurt so much?? Mybaby doctor did call me and told me that my iron is low, so i guess that's part of the reason why it took so long for it to stop bleeding.

I've been applying some mela gel on it, and it's healing pretty fast. Thank goodness it was a clean blade that was very sharp. Very clean cut i'd say.

I finished what I was cutting yesterday, i was a bit hesitant about cutting today. I did it slowly and very carefully. The project is done.

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Josh & Stefanie said...

Oh man I did the same thing when I was pregnant! I was cutting through a bagel and sliced the top of my pinky almost off, went to urgent care and got stitches...not fun. Glad you didnt have to get stiches!